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Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Installation Instructions

When the download window opens, click the "Save" button to add blinkx Beat to your computer. Once installed, the blinkx Beat icon will appear on your desktop, always accessible at the click of a mouse!

Never be bored again! Freshly updated videos delivered to your desktop.

blinkx Beat lets you watch Internet videos just like TV, delivering a riveting playlist of the most popular videos from the Web in full-screen, right on your desktop. Hilarious bloopers, amazing stunts, ridiculous pranks and cute animals — watch them all on-demand! You can replay videos that you like and share them with your friends. Download blinkx Beat for free!

What is blinkx Beat?
blinkx Beat is a never-ending playlist of the latest and greatest online videos. Fresh video finds are delivered straight to your screen, so sit back and enjoy, we'll do the work for you.
Why do I have to download a program?
blinkx Beat is a tiny download that lives on your desktop, allowing us to bring the newest, hottest Web videos to you.
Is blinkx Beat safe?
blinkx Beat is guaranteed virus and spyware free. See our privacy policy below.
What can I see on blinkx Beat?
blinkx Beat brings you a riveting playlist of the most popular videos from the Web — hilarious bloopers, amazing stunts, ridiculous pranks, and cute animals.